Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife why Kylie’s faking her enthusiasm to have a baby with David – and what she does when Gail finds out!

So, why doesn’t Kylie want to have a baby with David?
“Although she’s quite settled with David she doesn’t want to rock the boat. She’s just got a new job at Nick’s bistro and she’s really happy with the way things are.”

And Kylie can’t tell David this because…
“She’s struggling to tell him because he’s pressurising her so much. She feels like she’s being backed into a corner.”

So Kylie keeps taking the Pill, but lets David think they’re trying for a baby…
“She feels that she’s protecting her marriage as she doesn’t know how she’d cope with another baby. She hasn’t any intention of coming off the Pill.”

David even organises sex sessions for them while Gail’s at work!
“And at first Kylie finds it fun and amusing. But then it starts to take its toll. She’s trying to juggle so many things and it becomes a burden, it’s not fun any more.”

What if David finds out she’s still taking the Pill?
“I think he would be really hurt and very angry. They’ve been at it like rabbits so he’s going to feel like all that has been a waste of time. Kylie thinks he can just enjoy trying, but that’s a little bit cruel because it’s just going to leave him feeling really disappointed.”

But then Gail finds Kylie’s contraceptive pills!
“And Gail’s quite angry with Kylie. But Kylie explains to her why she doesn’t want to get pregnant right now and Gail’s a bit more understanding. But Gail does tell Kylie to talk to David.”

Are they strong enough as a couple to come through this?
“I hope they will pull together as much as they can. But I think it’s going to be very tense and possibly quite painful for both of them. David’s going to be very disappointed and hurt when Kylie tells him the truth.”