Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne shares with Soaplife some of the drama to come at Peter’s trial for Tina’s murder…

After three nightmare months on remand – which have included near death from alcohol poisoning, then being blackmailed and used as a punchbag by ‘your man’ Jim McDonald – innocent Peter Barlow is finally in the dock for a murder he didn’t commit. But is the game up for him? “Peter doesn’t think so,” Chris tells Soaplife. “He’s hanging on to the hope that Carla’s testimony will help him…”

So what does happen when Carla does give evidence?
“Carla and Peter’s relationship is gone through with a fine tooth comb, and Carla [Alison King] doesn’t hold back when it comes to Peter. She really does have a go at him over what he did to her, but she also admits she doesn’t think he’s capable of murder. Rightly or wrongly, he concludes from this that she still loves him.”

That must be a relief!
“Yes, but lots more evidence comes out at the trial. All Peter’s dirty laundry is washed in public. And there’s a lot of it! Also, some of the people he thought were on his side turn against him.”

“Steve McDonald [Simon Gregson] for a start. There’s a real outburst from Steve in court. He’s under pressure and says, ‘How would you feel if your mate had murdered someone?’ It’s just about the worst thing he could have said. Peter can tell the jury has taken Steve’s words on board. The only person who is totally on Peter’s side is Ken [William Roache].”

Who does Peter think killed Tina?
“He believes Carla didn’t do it. He really doesn’t know who the murderer is and he’s trusting that the truth will come to light through the court case.”

So he doesn’t suspect Rob (Marc Baylis)?
“Not at all. No one – not even the police – has ever thought for one moment that Rob killed Tina.”

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