Peter Barlow a bad dad? Now that’s a surprise…

Peter’s all set to abandon his son until he hears there’s money in it, reveals Coronation Street bad boy Chris Gascoyne…

Peter is all Simon’s got now his mum’s died, so why is he being such a useless dad?

“He loves Simon but he doesn’t know how to be a dad. He doesn’t feel he’s good enough to look after him. That’s why he’s come to Weatherfield for Ken‘s support.”

Didn’t Peter have any relationship with his son before Lucy died?

“Lucy moved to Australia with Simon when he was six months old. She rang Peter a month before she died of cancer and asked Peter to look after the boy. He couldn’t really refuse, could he?”

So what’s his plan now?

“To enrol Simon in a Weatherfield primary school and abandon him. He’s going back to Portsmouth to bury his head in the sand.”

And how does Ken take the news that he’s being left with Simon?

“Ken lays down the law saying wherever Peter goes, Simon goes. But Peter’s convinced the relationship will never work and calls social services and asks them to take Simon into care.”

Can he really do that to his own son?

“Ken pleads with Peter and blurts out that he and Deirdre will care for Simon. The social worker agrees, but Peter still says he’s heading back to Portsmouth…”

What changes his mind?

“He gets a letter from Lucy’s solicitor revealing that she left him lots of money in her will to look after Simon. He’s torn…”

Torn? Does the money mean more to him than his son?

“I don’t really think Peter’s that cold-hearted, but Ken does. Peter reckons he can’t win.”

Does Peter blame Ken for the fact that he’s such a bad dad?

“He says that the word ‘dysfunctional’ was invented for the Barlow family. There’s a lot of tension between Ken and Peter.”

How long are you back for?

“A year.”

Long enough for a relationship… Who might the lucky lady be?

“He’s interested in Leanne – the bigamist and the prostitute! It has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it?”