Phelan actor ‘absolute softy’ says Coronation Street co-star Sue Cleaver

Sue Cleaver, who plays screen wife, has revealed she has a secret nickname for Phelan star!

Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver says that while Phelan maybe Weatherfield’s darkest ever villain on screen, off it the actor who plays him, Connor McIntyre, is an “absolute softy”.

The 54-year-old actress, who plays the baddie’s screen wife Eileen, told TV Times that Connor was a “lovely man” and that she even had a nickname for him – bless!

“Connor’s an intense actor but he’s an absolute softy; in fact I call him my Connykins. He’s a lovely man, very warm and very generous,” said Sue as Phelan steps up his evil game in Corrie tonight.

Phelan Coronation Street

Sue Cleaver says Phelan actor Connor is really a softy!

Meanwhile, here’s what some of Connor’s other castmates think of him…

Debbie Rush, aka Anna Windass: “Every time Phelan does something horrible to Anna, the director shouts ‘Cut’ and Connor says ‘Sorry!’ and gives me a hug!”

Rob Mallard, aka Daniel Osbourne: “The best thing about filming with Connor is that he doesn’t blink! He just stares you down, and has a lot of gravitas as a performer.”

Jim Moir, aka Colin Callen: “Connor said to me: ‘We should have an art talk’ and I said ‘Yeah, it’s always best over a light ale.’ He said: ‘Or a sparkling water.’ I don’t want to get that deep!’”

Oliver Farnworth, aka Andy Carver: “Connor is one of the most gifted actors you’ll ever work with. He is amazing on screen; so sinister and brilliantly creepy, but at the same time he can turn on that charm, which is how a villain should be.”

Bruno Langley, aka Todd Grimshaw: “Connor’s serious about his acting, and really gets into the character. You need people like that. And he’s a lovely guy, and genuinely interested in people.”

Coronation continues on ITV this evening at 7.30pm.

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