Pat is not happy!

Pat Phelan – or Alan Frost as he’s calling himself – made a sinister return on Coronation Street and fans were delighted to see his mug evil mug again.

As Elieen Grimshaw, accompanied by Phelan’s daughter Nicola, went on telly to make an appeal to free Anna Windass, Phelan sniffed from his hotel room: “You’re all bessies now… all bessie mates now.”

Lobbing the remote control on his bed, he then called reception, saying: “Hello Mrs Gillan, it’s Alan Frost. I’m ever so sorry to disturb your book club but I’ll be checking out tomorrow.”

Asked if he was unhappy, he said “everything was fine… you know, things to do.” One fan said, “He’s back!!! Wahoo!!” while another, said: “YAY!!!! Pat Phelan, the man you love to hate! Best villain EVER!”

And viewers are predicting that Phelan’s next move will be another murder. “He’s going to strike again,” said one. “He’s gonna move closer, waiting to strike when he gets an opportunity!,” commented another.

And actor Connor McIntyre supported this theory, telling Radio Times: “Everyone should be watching out. Even those you might not expect. The less Phelan has to lose, the more dangerous he is. He now feels that everyone has betrayed him – even Eileen. So you have to assume that he’s going to go back and ‘correct’ something.”

Viewers were full of praise for Connor’s performance, with one viewer saying his portrayl was “absolutely incredible”, prompting the actor to tweet back, “Thank you Lisa… most kind.”.

Everyone is now left wondering when the villain will pop again… and who might he kill next?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.