Builder Pat Phelan quickly makes friends with Kevin in Coronation Street. Does that mean trouble for Anna all over again? That’s what Soaplife asks Connor McIntyre

Phelan left Weatherfield almost two years ago, after ruining Owen Armstrong’s business and blackmailing Anna Windass into sleeping with him. Now he’s back.

“His wife Val finally saw the light and ditched him, taking him for everything he had. So he starts working on the refurbishment of Kevin’s new garage,” says Connor.

But Kevin’s now dating Anna…

Does Kevin have any idea who Phelan is?

“No. And Phelan, being his usual, calculating self, is banking on Anna [Debbie Rush] not telling him. Phelan thinks she’ll be too embarrassed or ashamed to tell Kevin [Michael Le Vell] what happened and he sees that as a huge advantage.”

How does Anna react when she sees him?

“Fear, rage, anger… It’s her worst nightmare turning up just at the time when she’s starting to think things are finally looking up. And, with Owen [Ian Puleston-Davies] gone, she’s got to face Phelan on her own.”

Is he planning on ruining things between Kevin and Anna?

“Phelan’s more concerned with making sure that, whatever happens, Anna doesn’t get in the way of his plans with Kevin.”

What are those plans?

“He sees potential with Kevin career-wise and he wants to get back to wheeling and dealing and being in business. So we’ll see whether he can prevent Anna from getting in the way of his success.”

Will he play dirty again?

“All I can say is the writers have done a wonderful job with Phelan once again. I only hope I do him justice.”

Coronation Street, ITV