As Pat Phelan faces his toughest week yet, Corrie star Connor McIntyre tells Soaplife there’s scope for the builder to become more dangerous than ever…

Pat Phelan has been in some tight spots since he turned up in Coronation Street, but his life is about to take an ever darker and more dangerous turn!

What’s the story?

Pat Phelan has promised to give kidnap victim Andy Carver his freedom, but he now realises he can’t trust him, so he has to come up with a plan. “Phelan decides to find a replacement hostage, thinking that if Andy does something that’s as bad as the things Phelan’s done, then Andy can’t ever go to the police. And there is a certain logic to it,” Connor McIntyre told Soaplife. “As the pressure slowly mounts, he starts looking at Nicola Rubinstein, Anna Windass, Daniel Osbourne and all the other people he’s had run-ins with.”

Connor McIntyre reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: How confident is Phelan that he won’t get caught?

Connor McIntyre: “He’s feeling the pressure, but that’s when he’s at his most dangerous and when he acts. When things are all calm and cool, he’s usually quite benign. But when the heat gets turned up for him, he gets more decisive in his actions and, actually, starts to see things very clearly.”

S: What are his thoughts when Nicola starts asking about his past?

CM: “Nicola’s been trawling through Phelan’s history, so she presents a different picture of Pat to the one he has of himself. When you’re dealing with a narcissist, that’s very difficult and, in Phelan’s case, dangerous. He sees the prospect of losing her again – and that makes him very volatile. This is now in the mix as the pressure mounts. Add on to that Daniel sniffing around, Eileen being oblique, Anna in the background… It’s getting very intense for Phelan.”

S: Phelan makes a final decision about his hostages. Is this the darkest side of him we’ve ever seen?

CM: “It’s the darkest we’ve seen to date, but he can go darker, I’m sure of that. If you cross a particular line, that’s it with him. So, can he get darker? Yes, certainly.

S: What has the viewers’ reaction been to this latest turn of events?

CM: “They were really rooting for him to turn the corner, then came the Andy shock and they were like, ‘Oh no!’ The response was very interesting because we have seen the potential for him to turn over a new leaf because he does have redeeming qualities. It’s all good. But it’s only one component of Corrie, which is on fire at the moment.”

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