Phelan turns up the heat on Andy in Corrie, reveals star Oliver Farnworth

Andy Carver is in grave danger when he torches Kevin Webster’s garage on Pat Phelan's orders, Corrie actor Oliver Farnworth reveals

Andy’s been playing with fire since he tried to kill Pat Phelan and now things are going to get a whole lot hotter for him. Phelan tells him to burn down the garage in order to destroy Kevin’s laptop, which has incriminating footage of Phelan’s conversation with Todd on it. If Andy refuses, Steph will pay.

“Andy is horrified and thinks that burning down someone’s livelihood and risking the lives of the firefighters who have to put out the blaze is the lowest thing you can do – but he can’t bear the thought of Steph suffering,” says Corrie star Oliver Farnworth.

But Andy does set the fire, doesn’t he?
“Yes. He feels he’s in a very tricky position because, essentially, he could be done for attempted murder. Phelan [Connor McIntyre] knows this and uses Andy to suit his own messed up agenda.

“Andy’s no master criminal, though, so when he realises he is on CCTV, he panics. He takes Kevin’s laptop and goes about things in a very dangerous way. The scene where Andy gets trapped in the flames was very dramatic to film.”

How does he feel afterwards?
“He’s hoping this is the last thing he has to do and feels a crushing guilt and shame. He feels absolutely terrible for Kevin [Michael Le Vell] and the lads who work in the garage.”

What makes him finally confess all to Steph?
“Selfishly, he actually really needs to confide in someone. Plus, his behaviour has been increasingly detached from reality and he’s not been a good partner to Steph [Tisha Merry]. He thinks that if there’s any more of this, he will lose her – it’s make or break.”

Then he looks at the CCTV footage on the laptop…
“The fingers of blame are pointing to Kevin, and Andy thinks that although the CCTV incriminates himself, he might find something to incriminate Phelan in order to get Kevin off the hook. But Phelan comes through the door as Andy is watching the film.”

How worried should we be for Andy’s safety right now?
“Pretty worried… A Phelan crossed is not someone you want to encounter.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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