‘Does Phelan think it’s game over? Never in a million years!,’ says Connor McIntyre

Phelan's in real danger of getting exposed but Connor McIntyre reckons the evil builder certainly doesn't think the game's up

Coronation Street star Connor McIntyre says that despite things going from bad to worse for Phelan soon, the twisted builder doesn’t think it’s game over.

Next week Phelan arrives at the mill site to find that work is well underway on draining the lake – where Andy and Vinny are currently making friends with the fishes after he dumped their bodies there. As the day draws to a close, he’s horrified to see one of the bodies emerging from the water.

Fearing that his dark secret will be exposed, Phelan hangs around as his oblivious colleagues head home. He then puts on some waders and drags both bodies out.

“Phelan is losing control, but his answer to that is to take control – ‘Okay, I do X, I do Y, I do Z’,” Connor has told TV Times.

With a concrete mixer and a half-built development at his disposal, he quickly comes up with an idea. He drops the bodies of Andy and Vinny into the column mould in the mill foundations.

“Does he think it’s game over? Never in a million years!”

But things don’t go to plan as the killer ends up getting trapped himself in unset concrete…

So could next week be the week that the evil builder finally gets his comeuppance?