Phelan has met his match in daughter Nicola – and he’s very proud, says Corrie’s Connor McIntyre

Corrie’s Pat Phelan discovers that Seb Franklin’s case worker, Nicola Rubenstein, is his daughter, reveals star Connor McIntyre

While there must be loads of skeletons clanking around in Corrie villain Pat Phelan’s closet, none will affect him as deeply as the one that’s about to tumble out – his long-lost daughter.

“Seb’s case worker, Nicola, is the mirror image of a woman Phelan fell madly in love with 30 years ago and he rightly suspects she is his daughter… Because of this, he agrees to take on Seb as his apprentice as he knows it will mean repeated contact with Nicola,” Connor McIntyre told Soaplife.

What does Phelan make of Nicola?
“He likes her, she is quite spirited and quite bright. And she is the image of her mother, who was the love of Phelan’s life. Phelan believes it’s fate that they’ve met. He is very superstitious and doesn’t believe in coincidences.”

What happens when Phelan accompanies Seb and Nicola to Liverpool?
“It’s Pat going down memory lane and, for the first time, we get some insight into his back story and the environment he grew up in. Nicola is the first person he has told about his past – he has a bond with her. We see a different side to Pat as soon as he meets Nicola.”

What does this mean for Phelan’s future with Eileen?
“One would hope that this would show he’s human and that may have a profound impact on Eileen. We’ve seen other dimensions, other layers to this complex and sometimes deeply unpleasant character, but hopefully we may start to see he is human after all.”

Could Nicola and Phelan develop a relationship?
“Yes, definitely. She is very shrewd so any shenanigans or sideways behaviour would not be tolerated. There are moments when you see that this is Pat Phelan’s daughter, it’s in the genetic code; there’s a bit of fire in there. He’s met his match and he takes some pride in it.”

What’s Pat thinking now?
“His spider senses are tingling and he is doing his Pat Phelan thing, poking around for information. But however subtle you try and probe people, eventually they will be uncomfortable…”

Can Phelan still surprise us?
“You wait…”

Coronation Street, ITV

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