Coronation Street fans love Nicola’s joke about Phelan having a tattoo in a very cheeky place

Nicola makes a great crack at the expense of Phelan

Coronation Street fans loved the idea that killer Pat Phelan might have a Gary Lineker tattoo on his bum after his daughter Nicola joked about it on the soap last night.

Given all the murderous goings on recently in Weatherfield, viewers were after a bit of light relief and got it in a funny exchange between Nicola and Gary [Windass, not Lineker!].

Emerging from a shop with a copy of a football magazine, Nicola revealed that Pat was an Everton fan.

She then added: “Patrick has got Gary Lineker tattooed on his backside!”

An astonished Gary, commented: “You’re kidding?!”

To which an amused Nicola responded: “Yeah!”

Actor Connor McIntyre, who plays, Phelan, liked a post about the hilarious exchange about the former Everton striker.

Fans were thrilled with the news, with one commenting “Phelan has Gary Lineker tattooed on his backside did I hear that right.”

Another wondered what Gary Lineker himself would make of it if Phelan really did have his name tattooed on his bottom.

Coronation Street continues on ITV on Wednesday at 7.30pm.