Serial killer Pat Phelan in back in Coronation Street and going down fighting reveals Connor McIntyre!

Actor Conor McIntyre reveals we are in for a week of thrilling twists and turns as psycho Pat Phelan returns to the Street for a dramatic showdown…

Your average cat with nine lives has nothing on Pat Phelan. The man seems immortal and Gary Windass has made one big mistake by kidnapping his nemesis and bringing him back to the Street…

What’s the story?

“Dragging Phelan back to the Street is a really bad decision on Gary’s part as he should have just told the police that Phelan was sitting in a caravan in Wales,” actor Connor McIntyre tells Soaplife. “Back on the Street, Phelan is at his most dangerous. But it seems as though fate has dictated that his story will be resolved where it started, on the cobbles!” So, is it really the end?

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Connor McIntyre’s interview with Soaplife about killer Pat Phelan’s dramatic return to Coronation Street…

Soaplife: Do you feel this is a fitting end to five years of an amazing story?

Connor McIntyre: “All the historical places are re-visited in terms of the Phelan storyline and all his pathologies are revisited. It’s really about Nicola Rubinstein’s baby and what he thinks is his legacy. He’s a narcissist and a control freak and, if he feels the game is up, his focus will be on preserving his legacy.”

S: Is love – his feelings for both wife Eileen and his grandson – ultimately responsible for his downfall or is it to do with his narcissism and control?

CM: “This is Pat Phelan wounded and spiteful, so he does something spiteful to Eileen that dismantles the whole love thing. He doesn’t make a lie of anything that they’ve felt in their relationship in the past because he does love her, but he does say something very spiteful. He wants to hurt her because he is hurt. This is the last stand.”

Pat Phelan, Nicola Rubinstein, Eileen Grimshsaw, Coronation Street

Phelan confronts Nicola and Eileen

S: Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that we would reach this point?

CM: “Never. The writers saw the potential for that and the thing that has made Phelan work is that the relationship with  Eileen is so real.”

S: Is it gratifying that the writers started to write for you and used what you brought to the character?

CM: “Very. I am proud of that because you earn that – it’s because they know that you can handle it. For Phelan to be mentioned in the same breath as Alan Bradley, Richard Hillman… these are household names and ones that still terrify me.”

S: Did you enjoy the false death moment?

CM: “It’s heartening because here we are, invested in a character like this, and suddenly it looks like we won’t see them anymore. But he survived again – it just added to the supernatural aspect of him.”

S: What has Corrie given you?

CM: “There’s a very long list of things – friends, awards, great memories… On a practical note, it’s given me a platform. Where else do you think you could get the opportunity like this to do what we do?”

S: What’s next?

CM: “If someone said to me, ‘Do you want to spend the rest of your life playing bad guys?’  I’d say, ‘Sure what’s the script like?’”


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