Coronation Street’s Rachel Leskovac warns Natasha is heading for tragedy…

Why did Natasha rush into having that abortion?
“She really believed Nick didn’t want her and so she didn’t want to have his baby.”

How did she feel when he pledged his future to her and their baby?
“Thrilled because Nick is all she ever wanted… But gutted because she’d terminated the pregnancy.”

Why didn’t she come clean?
“She didn’t set out to lie. Nick kept asking if a future together was what she wanted. How could she say no? She thought if she told him the truth she’d lose him for good.”

Is she in love with Nick?
“She loves every inch of him. He’s the type of man she always dreamed of being with. All she wants to do is settle down and have kids with him.”

Does Natasha suspect Nick’s in love with Leanne and only with her because of the baby?
“All that matters to her is being with Nick, especially when they move into Dev’s flat together. Her plan is to get pregnant again right away so Nick never finds out about the abortion.”

Isn’t she worried when he keeps asking her about baby things?
“Very. She isn’t sure how a pregnant woman is supposed to feel so she asks Fiz about feeling tired, sick and so on. She hopes to fob Nick off until she can get pregnant again for real.”

How does Nick react when she keeps seducing him?
“He thinks her hormones have gone crazy, but he’s happy to oblige!”

We’ve heard Natasha will commit suicide. Could this deception drive her over the edge?
“It’s already looking that way. You don’t do something like this from a level-headed perspective.”