‘Rana could break hearts!’ warns Coronation Street new girl Bhavna Limbachia

Zeedan Nazir can’t believe his luck. His sister’s old friend Rana is gorgeous and making a very obvious play for him. But is she too hot to handle? Coronation Street’s Bhavna Limbachia talks to Soaplife about the new girl in Weatherfield…

Is Rana trying to get all the Nazirs to like her?
“She tries to impress everyone. But though she is trying to manipulate the situation to get in their good books, the family enjoy her company. She puts a smile back on Alya’s [Sair Khan] face for a start.”

What about Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar)? Is Rana seriously after him?
“Rana’s a very confident, sassy, ferocious character who’s tenacious in the pursuit of anything she desires… and that definitely includes Zeedan.”

Why does she flirt with Jason (Ryan Thomas)?
“Rana’s at the Bistro trying to get Zeedan’s attention but he’s playing it cool. In order to get him to notice her, she starts flirting with Jason.”

Is Zeedan jealous??
“I don’t think Rana has any genuine interest in Jason, she’s just having a bit of fun and enjoying the attention. But a bit of an awkward situation arises between Zeedan and Jason.”

Does Rana know her friend Alya has history with Jason?
“No. She knows nothing of Alya’s one-night stand with him. But after Zeedan gets jealous, Alya explains what happened between her and Jason.”

Do Rana and Zeedan make up?
“Rana finds him on his own at work and starts having a little chat with him. He apologises and she then confronts him and says ‘Look, I know you fancy me.’”

How does he react?
“He replies that she’s a bit full of herself and Rana just goes for it. She kisses him before coolly walking away!”

Is Rana likely to break Zeedan’s heart?
“I think there’s a chance she could break his heart. He’s a lovely guy and she’s enjoying the attention at the minute, enjoying the challenge. But who knows!”

Are you excited about being in Corrie?
“So excited. I’ve always been a big fan and grew up watching it. I love playing Rana – she’s so much fun, very unapologetic and confident.”

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