Will Rana Nazir call off her wedding? Corrie’s Bhavna Limbachia tells all!

Coronation Street star Bhavna Limbachia tells Soaplife that bride-to-be Rana can’t stop thinking about Kate Connor as she prepares to legally tie the knot with Zeedan…

Rana Nazir loves Zeedan so why is she kissing Kate Connor on the eve of her wedding?

What’s the story?

They have already had a Muslim wedding but Rana Nazir has been hoping that becoming Zeedan’s lawfully wedded wife will put to bed her growing feelings for Kate Connor. But as the Big Day dawns, Rana realises she can no longer pretend. ‘Rana’s intense feelings for Kate are constantly at the forefront of her mind then when she comes home the day before the registry office wedding, she finds Kate helping to decorate the house – they start arguing but as Kate is about to leave, Kate suddenly kisses her,’ actress Bhavna Limbachia told Soaplife. It’s at this moment that Zeedan walks down stairs. . .

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Bhavna Limbachia reveals  all to Soaplife about Rana Nazir’s confused feelings…

Soaplife: Ooh… Does Zeedan see anything?

Bhavna Limbachia: “Rana responds to the kiss but they manage to pull apart in time. Kate then quickly leaves and Rana’s more confused than ever. The last thing she wants to do is hurt Zeedan and break his heart but trying to bury her true feelings just isn’t working.”

SL: How hard has it been for Rana having these feelings for Kate?

BL: “It’s such a struggle – she has always been in control of her emotions and relationships. She genuinely still loves Zeedan but she’s now struggling with her feelings for Kate. Rana’s also crushed with guilt – she has always admired Zeedan’s loyalty and it breaks her heart knowing she has feelings for someone else, let alone a woman. Plus, having lost his parents, Zeedan has been through so much.”

SL: Kate later tells Rana to stop messing with her head – how does Rana react?

BL: “Rana questions Kate about the kiss and asks her if she, too, has feelings. Kate replies that it would never work but doesn’t deny how she feels. This is pivotal for Rana as it’s the first time she openly questions her own sexuality. She almost admits she might not be straight but this is immediately slammed by Kate when Rana admits she still loves Zeedan.”

SL: What happens when Rana makes one last push on the wedding morning?

BL: “Rana turns up at Kate’s flat in the hope that Kate will ask her to stop the wedding. All she needs is for Kate to give her the green light and she won’t go through with it.”

SL: Do you think it truly is Kate that Rana wants to be with?

BL: “Rana doesn’t label herself as gay or bisexual – it’s just that the person she’s fallen for happens to be female. She’s tried fighting her feelings by investing further into her marriage but it doesn’t make her happy any more. Kate is who she really wants to be with.”

SL: What advice would you give Rana if she was your friend?

BL: “‘Be true to yourself – the sooner the better’. There is nothing worse than suppressing feelings, any kind of feelings. Everyone has the right to be who they really are – regardless of race, age, gender or sexual orientation.”

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