Coronation Street star Qasim Akhtar: ‘Zeedan is shocked as Rana’s sexy secret is out!’

Coronation Street actor Qasim Akhtar has revealed there are fireworks when Zeedan finds out wife Rana has been cheating on him.

Zeedan Nazir is left reeling when he finally discovers wife Rana has fallen for someone else, Coronation Street actor Qasim Akhtar has confessed to Soaplife.

What’s the story

When Zeedan Nazir finds his wife Rana sobbing her heart out after Luke Britton’s funeral, he naturally presumes her tears are for her dead friend. Then he finds out how wrong he is. “Rana starts saying what a bad person she is so he asks her what’s she’s talking about and it’s then she admits to being in love with someone else,” actor Qasim Akhtar has told Soaplife. “He doesn’t believe it at first but goes into deep shock when he realises she’s telling the truth.”

Not the whole truth, though…

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Soaplife’s interview with Qasim Akhtar

Soaplife: Rana doesn’t reveal that Kate Connor is her lover, does she?

Qasim Akhtar: “Not at this stage. To Zeedan, that’s simply not an option. It would be another blow to the chest if he found out she was in love with a woman. It would make things 10 times worse!”

S: Tell us what happens when Zeedan goes through Rana’s things.

QA: “He rummages through her pockets and bag and finds a love note with the Bistro logo on it. Zeedan automatically assumes Rana’s in love with Robert!”

S: How does he feel about that?

QA: “Totally gutted and betrayed. Zeedan looks up to Robert and is deeply shocked to think Robert has betrayed him.”

S: Zeedan tries to drown his sorrows with whiskey. But has he ever drunk before?

QA: “No. It’s against his religious beliefs. But although he’s always done the right thing, nothing seems to be working out so he decides to see what drinking is all about.”

S: What advice would you give Zeedan?

QA: “Move on, brother! There’s plenty more fish in the sea! He is not going to be OK straight away. But he has to crack on with life.”

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