Reece: ‘Michelle is the reason I’m in Corrie’

Reece Dinsdale has admitted that Michelle Keegan was the reason he joined Coronation Street.

The former Home to Roost actor, who plays Joe McIntyre in the ITV1 soap, revealed he was impressed with Michelle’s acting on screen before he joined the show.

“The reason I’m in the show is partly down to Michelle Keegan – well not partly, chiefly,” said Reece, who plays the father of Tina, played by Michelle.

“Basically I was watching the show one night and I turned to my wife and I said ‘that girl who’s playing Tina is absolutely unbelievable. She’s brilliant’,” he continued.

“And it was the very next day my agent rang and said ‘you don’t fancy playing Tina’s dad in Coronation Street do you?’ So it came from that really.

“I thought if you want to go into a soap you want to be working with good people, and really I’ve not been disappointed, put it that way.”

Reece added that he’s watched Coronation Street for most of his life. “I’ve always been a Corrie fan. I remember going to bed after it finished – at 8 o’clock it was like ‘pyjamas on and to bed’ when I was a kid.

“And I’ve watched it 40-odd years, so I didn’t need much persuading in being told it was good quality stuff to come on board.”

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