Soldier Caz is prepared to fight dirty to keep Kate – as Sophie finds out in Coronation Street.

Rhea Bailey (Caz) explains developments to Soaplife…

How have things been between Caz and Kate since that kiss?

“They’re walking on eggshells around each other. They’ve had a few fiery arguments so now they’re trying to be nice to each other. Caz doesn’t know how to cope with her feelings at the moment, but she’s trying to keep Kate from breaking up with her. She totally blames Sophie [Brooke Vincent] for the kiss.”

Would she make up with Sophie if Kate wanted her to?

“I think she’d jump over a cliff if Kate [Faye Brookes] asked her to! She’d do anything not to lose Kate.”

Why does Caz pretend that Sophie’s hurt her injured ankle?

“Caz is furious about Sophie and Kate, but she’s so scared of losing Kate she decides to change tactics and play the victim. So she makes out that Sophie deliberately bangs into her already-injured ankle.”

Why does Caz then ask Sophie not to take Kate from her?

“This relationship is all she’s got, it’s the best thing she’s ever had. They’ve been apart since Kate came to Weatherfield so her feelings are heightened and, yes, she does feel threatened by Sophie.”

Coronation Street, ITV