Rob could kill again, says Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis

Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis reveals to Soaplife that rattled Rob really panics when Peter changes his plea to ‘not guilty’ – and he could be capable of murdering again.

Rob Donovan’s not happy to see the return of Ken Barlow. He has nothing personal against his future father-in-law. But Rob sees Ken is very much on Peter’s side when he gets his son a new lawyer and realises that setting up Peter to take the fall for Tina’s death isn’t going to be as easy as he would like. “Ken intends to pull out all the stops to get Peter released. He’s so adamant Peter is innocent, Rob really begins to think he might not get away with killing Tina,” Marc tells Soaplife. Which means Rob could soon be taking Peter’s place in prison…

Does Rob do anything to halt Ken’s campaign to free Peter (Chris Gascoyne)?
“He starts playing games and puts obstacles in Ken’s way. Rob says the new lawyer must be useless if he was free to take on Peter’s case.”

Does Rob feel guilty about using Simon as a kind of pawn?
“Absolutely. Rob coaxes Simon away to the zoo when he’s meant to be visiting his dad. Simon’s visit would have helped Peter stay strong and helped him to see he has something to fight for. But Rob’s determined to take that away from him. It’s all about Rob needing to stay a free man.”

But Peter decides to plead “not guilty”?
“It’s the worst thing possible. Rob thought everything was going to plan, but suddenly all the work he’s done to get Peter sent down has been undone by Ken [William Roache].”

Does Rob believe Peter will be found guilty?
“He’s constantly changing his mind. Rob’s all over the place. He doesn’t know where he stands or how to react. He’s going round in a circle of mental hell.”

Could Rob kill again?
“I’d like to think Tina was a one-off through desperate measures. But once you’ve done something like that, who knows if that switch can flick again? If Rob feels he has no way out, then who knows what he might do?”

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