Rob James-Collier: ‘I just wanted Liam killed off’

Coronation Street hunk Rob James-Collier exits the hit ITV soap on Friday, October 17. Here the actor who plays Liam Connor gives his feelings about leaving the show…

We’re watching Liam really struggle with his feelings for Carla. Is he with the wrong woman in Maria?

“It’s not any sort of malice, but unfortunately the guy’s just genuinely mixed up – he thought he loved Maria but it turns out that he doesn’t. He has chosen the wrong woman and he’s made a mistake.”

Tell us about the different endings that were filmed for Liam’s murder…

“Have you heard them? It’s death by spandex, death by bungee jump and death by Cinzano bianco. No seriously, Tony kills Liam. I’m not going to tell you how, course I’m not, but I am willing to say that we’ve filmed three endings. One where Tony kills Liam undercover at the paintballing stag do, one where Tony’s arranged a hit-and-run car smash, and one wherre he pushes Liam off the balcony of the Victoria St flats. I didn’t have any say in which one was ultimately the real one, but I’m happy with the decision.

“I just wanted Liam killed off.”

Did you have any input in how the character was going to end?

“I wanted the character to die to get a bit of closure. It is hard as an actor when you leave a show like Corrie because you are constantly being asked when you are going back. If they kill off your character that can’t happen.”

Are you happy with your exit?

“I’ve had a great time and been amazingly fortunate with storylines. I’ve given 110 per cent on the drama. If you can have closure on a person and cut it off there and then, you can hopefully move on and hopefully start on the next thing. The fact that it is such a dramatic exit is a real bonus and I’m delighted.”

Speaking of the next thing, do you have anything lined up?

“It’s impossible to think of the next things, we’ve been that busy filming these exit scenes and I’m not thinking of anything beyond it at the moment…”