Rob James-Collier has revealed he braced himself for a tough time finding work after he achieved huge fame on Coronation Street.

As Liam Connor, he was famously killed off the show two years ago in a dramatic hit-and-run storyline.

He told TV Times: “After leaving a massive show with a huge following like Coronation Street, you have to make your choices carefully and be prepared not to work for a while.”

The 34-year-old added: “I knew it was going to be a stretch before casting directors would look at me and not see Liam.”

Rob said he was offered plenty of work following the show, but nothing struck him as right, and he has confessed to ‘bumming about’ for a bit.

“The benefit on being on something like Corrie is you can save up a little nest egg, so you know that, when you go, you have that as a fallback. You can take your time and make the right choice, without money being too much of a concern,” he added.

Rob now has a role as footman Thomas in the hit ITV period drama Downton Abbey, an opportunity he has described as ‘fantastic’.

After proving popular with both audiences and critics, ITV recently announced it was commissioning a second, eight-part series of Downton Abbey to be screened next year. Read the full story here

Downton Abbey continues on Sunday evenings at 9pm on ITV1.