Coronation Street’s Tristan Gemmill tells Soaplife why Robert’s playing games with Carla…

How’s Robert been feeling since sleeping with Carla?

“There’s no guilt over it – he and Tracy [Kate Ford] had split up. It was just a slightly crazy, maybe foolish one-night stand. But he’s now annoyed because Carla’s behaviour towards him is very different. She avoids him at all costs and then starts getting heavy, telling him to back off regarding his plans for the Bistro.”

Just how ruthless will Robert be?

“At the moment he’s in control of everything, but if his back was against the wall then maybe he could do darker things.”

How does he regard Nick?

“He likes Nick – he feels a bit bad about treading on Nick’s toes with Carla [Alison King] – but he’s annoyed when Nick [Ben Price] resists Robert’s attempts to buy into the business as he feels Nick’s not recognising the work he puts in. This all makes Robert more determined than ever.”

But if he blows his and Carla’s secret, Tracy will find out, too…

“He is worried about Tracy finding out but, at the moment, mainly because of the explosion it will cause. Plus, if Robert talks, it’s not likely Nick’s going to want to do a business deal with him and that’s what Robert wants. So, right now, it suits Robert to keep quiet.”

Is there a future for him and Tracy?

“He’s furious with her over what happened with Rob [Marc Baylis], but deep down she’s still the woman he loves. The fact that she sends Amy [Elle Mulvaney] to the bistro to get him to the opening of her flower shop amuses him – maybe that’s when you first see the daylight starting to come back and pointing towards a possible reconciliation for them.”

Coronation Street, ITV.