Soaplife talks to Coronation Street‘s new face – legendary American actor Robert Vaughn! He talks about his role as Milton, the man Sylvia met while she was cruising, and whether or not they’ll be sailing off into the sunset together…

What made you take on a role in Coronation Street?
“I was asked! I was in the UK filming a movie called The Magnificent Eleven – it’s not a Western, incidentally – and the producers of the movie and the producers of Coronation Street met, talked, and worked out how I’d be able to do both.”

Had you ever watched Coronation Street?
“No, I hadn’t seen it, but I’ve been aware of it, of course. I’ve been coming to the UK for 50 years and remember hearing about it in the 1960s, when I was making The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”

Tell us a bit about your character, Milton?
“He’s an American millionaire businessman from Palm Springs, who’s made his money in property.”

What brings him to Coronation Street?
“He met Sylvia on the cruise she was on. They got to know each other very quickly and were attracted to each other, and Milton decides he wants to surprise Sylvia on her home ground.”

What attracted Milton to Sylvia?
“He thought she was spirited, feisty and charming. When the cruise ended, he realised he didn’t want their relationship to end.”

So what reaction does he get when he suddenly turns up in the Street?
“He certainly causes a stir. He surprises Sylvia as she’s playing the banjo at a talent night in the pub. He gets up on the podium with her and starts singing Ain’t She Sweet. Sylvia is overjoyed to see him. She’d been boasting about him to everyone – so much so that people were beginning to think she’d made him up!”

What does he make of what he finds?
“He’s actually charmed by Weatherfield. Like me, Milton loves the UK. He likes the down-to-earth, no-nonsense people and the historic feel of the place.”

How does he get on with Roy and Hayley?
“He likes them. Roy fascinates him with his quaint ways. Milton regards Roy as a bit of a wordsmith!”
How serious is he about Sylvia?
“Very. He wouldn’t have come to Weatherfield if he wasn’t. Milton’s a one-man woman and Sylvia’s the only woman he’s interested in.”

How long will Milton be around?
“Well, I’m appearing in 11 episodes in all. You’ll have to wait and see how he leaves, but he’s hoping to persuade Sylvia to go back to America with him!”