Romance is on for Tina and Graeme, says Michelle

Michelle Keegan reveals no one is more shocked than Graeme when Tina wants to be more than just good friends in Coronation Street

We know that Tina’s going to get together with Graeme… Is that why she dumps Jason again?

“Not consciously. She went back to Jason for comfort, because her dad knew him and it felt familiar. But she just doesn’t love him any more.”

Jason can tell she’s not happy and asks Graeme’s advice… What next?

“Graeme tells Jason to take Tina out so they go to the pictures to see a chick flick. But it’s a disaster because Jason falls asleep. Then Tina finds out it was Graeme’s idea anyway.”

How does Jason take it when she tells him they’re finished?

“He’s devastated. He thinks he’ll be able to talk her round, but he can’t. He’s convinced there’s someone else and accuses Nick. But he’s got the wrong man…”

When does Tina realise that she has feelings for Graeme?

“It hits her as she’s walking past the butcher’s. She sees him laughing and thinks, ‘That’s what I want.'”

Does she make the first move and tell him how she feels?

“She doesn’t need to, it happens naturally when she’s in tears after a row with Eileen and Graeme comforts her. Everything just feels right with him and that’s when she tells him she wants to be more than just friends and moves in for a kiss.”

How does Graeme react?

“He’s shocked… but not because he doesn’t feel the same. It’s more that I don’t think he thinks he stood a chance with her. He’s about to go speed-dating and Tina asks him if he still wants to go. He says he doesn’t and kisses her back.”

Aww… so are they really going to be an item now?

“Yes they are. It’s very sweet. Tina is really happy and it’s nice to see her smiling again.”

How does Jason react?

“Badly. He feels really betrayed by both of them.”

Do you think Tina and Graeme are a good match?

“I do. Graeme is the total opposite of Jason. Nobody can believe they’re together, but I’m glad for Tina. She deserves to be happy.”

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