Rosie eyes an older man

Coronation Street’s Rosie Webster wastes no time in seducing John – but actress Helen Flanagan warns that she’s out of her depth!

Rosie’s flirting with Liam and John. Who does she really fancy?

“Liam definitely. She is sooo in love with him. She’s got the biggest crush ever and even though he’s in his 30s and going out with Maria she really thinks she’s got a chance with him.”

Has she?

“No way and Liam tells her so when she meddles in his love life.”

How? What does she do?

“Well, she sees him and Maria together and is jealous. So when Maria rings and asks Rosie to pass on a message about a date to Liam she doesn’t and Maria thinks she’s been stood up.”

And Liam finds out?

“Yes. He’s furious with Rosie and lets her know in no uncertain terms that he’s not interested in her so she’d better get used to it.”

That’s harsh!

“Yes. Rosie is really humiliated by that and refuses to go into work next day.”

Then she turns her attentions to John we hear…

“John comes to the house to tutor Sally and Rosie ends up alone with him. He sees she’s upset and pays her a compliment. There is a slight touch… then Rosie kisses him.”

What does he do?

“He quickly makes his excuses and leaves but it’s obvious he liked it.”

Why does she go for John?

“He treats her like a grown-up and she also likes the idea that he’s strictly off limits being a teacher and Fiz’s boyfriend.”

Does Rosie know her mum fancies him too?

“She does and I’m sure it all adds to the excitement.”

Will there be more excitement then?

“Yes. She wants to play with him and reckons she’s got him where she wants him.”

Would she feel guilty if Fiz found out?

“No way. Rosie only cares about herself. She’s going to become much bitchier and starts being really horrible to John. She’s a terrible minx.”

Do you like playing a man-eater?

“I love it! It’s great playing a character who is so naughty.”

Who else might she seduce?

“I don’t know. I think we need some more hot guys. There’s always Jason… he’s nice and very much out of bounds, isn’t he?”

What would she do if Liam changed his mind about her?

“She’d be totally out of her depth! She thinks she’s so grown-up – but she’s so deluded. She’s still only 16!”

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