Rosie’s dumped for Michelle!

Coronation Street’s Helen Flanagan warns Luke’s going to regret rejecting Rosie…

Luke aims to dump Rosie for Michelle… Does she realise?

“He keeps putting her off and she knows something isn’t right but she thinks she can win him over.”

He makes an excuse to avoid a date with her. What happens?

“She finds him in the Rovers and he says his night out was cancelled. She takes him back to hers and they sleep together but he can’t wait to get away. It’s enough for Rosie to think she’s won him over though.”

But she’s wrong?

“Luke goes straight back to The Rovers to chat up Michelle.”

How does Rosie feel about Luke?

“She really, really likes him. She loves the fact he’s older, has a bit of power and his own flat. She’s desperate to move in with him.”

He invites Rosie to his flat for a talk… Is it what she wants to hear?

“He’s actually planning to dump her. But he feels sorry for her when he admits he’s only been humouring her over her undies designs and finds her crying in the factory toilets. When she suggests she moves in with him, he agrees… but then he dumps her the next day.”

Is she hurt or angry?

“She’s genuinely upset but she’s humiliated too. She’s told the factory girls they’re going to live together and now she looks stupid.”

Sophie tells her she can have any man she wants. Does that comfort her?

“She decides Luke’s the man she wants. Tina and Jason are having a party and she decides it’s her chance to get him back.”

And does she?

“On the way there she sees Luke and Michelle kissing in the street before they go into the party. She follows them and goes for Michelle. She grabs her hair but Michelle gives as good as she gets and throws her out in the gutter.”

Has Rosie got the message now?

“Not yet! She goes to Luke’s house, stands below his balcony and drops her dressing gown to reveal her undies. Unfortunately Michelle’s there and Luke isn’t impressed.”

Then does she give up?

“No. She wants revenge. She dupes Michelle round to Luke’s flat, gets there first and sets about seducing Luke. Michelle walks in to find Luke in his boxers and Rosie coming out of the bathroom. Michelle dumps him… and Luke tells Rosie she’s fired.”

We’ve heard Luke’s going to trick Rosie out of her money and do a runner…

“Luke’s really angry and he’s about to do something to Rosie that will show you he’s really not a nice man at all. That’s all I’m saying!”

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