Rosie’s got what Luke wants, says Helen Flanagan

When John gives Rosie 150k she gets the power and the man she wants, reveals Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan…

John gets in touch and asks Rosie to visit him in prison. Does she go?

“He says he has something to say to her and she’s intrigued. Also, the last time she saw John she was vulnerable and he was in control. This time she’ll be showing him who’s boss.”

What does he want with her?

“He tells her he feels guilty for what he put her through when he kidnapped her and he is giving her the money from the sale of his grandma’s house and wants her to spend it on something good like her education.”

How much money are we talking?

“We’re talking 150k! It’s like winning the Lottery and she delights in telling John how she’s going to blow the money on designer gear like Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabbana.”

It doesn’t cross her mind to turn the money down?

“No way. Her dad, Kevin, says she shouldn’t accept the cash as it’s morally wrong, but Rosie isn’t going to listen to him.”

What does her mum think?

“Sally thinks it’s absolutely brilliant, she’s got her eye on a holiday!”

Does Rosie tell Fiz she’s seen John?

“Yes and she enjoys it because she rightly predicts Fiz will be upset by the news. She hates Fiz. She thinks it’s disgusting she could have a relationship with John again after the crime he committed.”

What does she do when the money goes into her account?

“She starts spending immediately. She dresses in expensive outfits and goes round kissing designer handbags.”

What about her job?

“She’s not bothered about her job, but when Luke realises Rosie is loaded he chats her up and suggests she invests in Underworld.”

Will she do that?

“She’s considering it. She’d love to lord it over the factory workers. She dresses to kill and goes to a business meeting with Luke and tells him she wants 10 per cent of the factory.”

They seal the deal by spending the night together… Is it more business or pleasure between them?

“There’s chemistry there, but this isn’t a big love job, she likes the fact Luke has power… and he likes the fact she has money!”

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