Roy makes a shocking discovery about Nessa and Cathy’s husband in Corrie

To say Cathy is a hoarder is an understatement, and Roy has been trying to help her clear her house out for months on Coronation Street.

As a New Year’s resolution, Cathy vows to get rid of the last of the rubbish, and Roy is happy to be of assistance. But he didn’t expect to uncover a family secret in the process…


Clearing Nessa’s house is a tough job, but with the two of them tackling it, the task should be easier.


But when Roy starts to go through Cathy’s late husband’s things, he doesn’t bargain on finding one bit of paperwork that Alan had kept hidden…


It’s a love letter from Cathy’s sister, Nessa!


Will Roy tell Cathy what he’s found out about Nessa and Alan? And how will that impact on Nessa and Cathy’s relationship? Watch Coronation Street on ITV from Monday, 28 December.



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