If Becky thinks moving in together means Jason’s serious, she’s seriously wrong, says Coronation Street‘s Ryan Thomas!

What made Jason agree to get a flat with Becky?

“I never know why Jason does anything. He gets himself into these stupid positions. When Becky hinted about them getting a flat together he didn’t want to know. Then, you know, she takes him upstairs, they have great sex and he’s like, ‘Yeah, whatever you want’.”

So does he have doubts about it?

“I don’t think he’s even given it enough thought to have doubts. He’s just going along with it for an easy life. Personally I think it’s too soon after Sarah for him to be making such a big commitment.”

It sounds like he isn’t in love with Becky then…

“Definitely not. With them it’s friendship and sex. Have you noticed their relationship is not romantic at all and they don’t say, ‘I love you’ ever. For that reason I wonder if it will last.”

Yet in some ways they seem to make a good couple…

“I agree. Jason enjoys his friendship with Becky. She’s a bit of a tomboy and he loves hanging out with her. Love and sex are not the same thing though…”

Is Jason still in love with Sarah?

“He totally still loves Sarah, that’s why he hasn’t taken his wedding ring off. If Sarah came back and wanted Jason, he’d be there in a flash. There’s be no contest between her and Becky.”

What about Sarah? Would she still be in Italy if she still loved Jason?

“Jason is definitely convinced that Sarah still loves him.”

What would make him give up on Sarah and take that wedding ring off?

“If Sarah married somebody else. It would have to be that drastic I think.”

Isn’t it cruel of Jason to lead Becky on?

“I don’t think he is really. I think they’re as bad as each other. Remember Becky has been unfaithful to Jason with Steve and has deliberately kept it from him.”

If Sarah was out of the picture could Becky ever be Jason’s number one?

“In soapland anything’s possible. If she can get that wedding ring off of Jason’s finger, then I say good luck to her.”