Sacha in tears over Coronation Street exit

Coronation Street star Sacha Parkinson broke down in tears on live TV as she watched footage of her character’s wedding to her lesbian lover.

The 19-year-old actress has left Coronation Street, but her character Sian Powers’ wedding to Sophie Webster, played by her best friend Brooke Vincent, is the big story in the Corrie Christmas special.

Sacha sobbed “I’m so embarrassed!” as she wiped away her tears on ITV’s This Morning.

Brooke came to her rescue, saying: “It’s mad just looking at it. We’ve spent so much time on it and so much time together, and caring for it.

“We kept saying, ‘It’s the beginning of the end’, but it really is the end now.”

The pair also revealed that the dramatic wedding – in which viewers are expecting cheating Sophie to jilt Sian at the alter – is not as it seems.

Brooke revealed: “Everyone thinks that we’re going to the church and it’s all going to come out, but that is not the case at all, so… that’s going to be the big twist for everyone.

“It’s not just we get to the church and everything goes bad, it’s happy again and then it’s down again, it’s up and down about three times in the space of an hour.”

The girls admitted they are very emotional over Sacha leaving Coronation Street as they are so close.

Brooke said: “We’re like sisters, we’ve done all that together and we’ve known each other since we were six and you get to know each other inside out.”