Sally Dyvenor: ‘Sal tells Kev to go to hell!’

Coronation Street’s Sally Dynevor tells Soaplife things are looking up for Sal when she beds Jeff AND finds out she’s going to be rich…

Did Sally find it hard to resist when Kevin tried to kiss her after they’d visited Sophie in hospital?

“She couldn’t believe he would try to take advantage of her when she was feeling so emotional over Sophie’s accident. She was and still is angry with him and it’s made her even more determined to press for a divorce.”

What are her feelings for Jeff?

“She’s on cloud nine. She’s flattered by his attention and he’s given her a whole new lease of life. But what with Kevin and now Sophie she’s not fully thrown herself ito the relationship yet. That changes when they spend the night together.”

Does Sally think carefully before sleeping with Jeff or is it a spur-of-the-moment thing?

“Sally is quite nervous about taking the relationship further, but after a lovely evening together and a few glasses of wine, she starts to relax. Jeff says he’s happy for her to take her time, but in that moment she’s seduced.”

What happens when Kevin comes round and finds out that Jeff stayed the night?

“He’s furious, but Sally insists it’s none of his business as they are getting divorced. She’s a free agent and she tells Kevin he can go to hell.”

And then he tries again to get her to stop the divorce and given them another go… Does she even consider it?

“At times I think she wavers because they have such history together and she does still love him, but it’s just too big an ask to forgive what he’s done.”

Are they in agreement about the financial settlement before Sally finds out Kevin’s just won big on a scratchcard?

“Yes, he’s offered her half of everything and she’s ready to sign. Then she hears about the win. She’s furious he intended to keep it a secret and demands a new settlement.”

What does Sally think when again he says they should give their marriage another go?

“The £200,000 is tempting, but no amount of money would buy Kevin another chance with her. Anyway she believes she is entitled to half the money as they were still married when he won it.”

So is there absolutely no way they will ever get back together again?

“The fact she’s so angry clearly shows there are still feelings there. But now I think she’s believes life’s too short and she’s going to do what she wants and not let Kevin walk all over her.”

Does that mean her relationship with Jeff is to become a permanent one?

“She likes Jeff. He’s attractive, funny and he listens, but who knows… Perhaps she should have a fling with Tommy Duckworth – that would really stick it to Kevin!”

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