‘Sally stages a one-woman protest to protect Rosie!’ reveals Corrie star Sally Dynevor

Sally’s in shock when she learns about Rosie’s drugs problem, but she’s going to support her. And she stages a protest to prove it, reveals Corrie’s Sally Dyvenor

As far as snobby councillor Sally Metcalfe is concerned, daughter Rosie Webster is back in Weatherfield to take time out from her glittering modelling career. But when Rosie starts cleaning windows for a living she slowly realises her career may not be so golden.

“Sally can’t understand why – until Anna Windass tells her that Rosie is a drugs mule!” Sally Dynevor told Soaplife. “She initially thinks Anna’s lying, but when she discovers it’s the truth, she’s mortified and can’t believe Rosie would be so stupid.”

But then Rosie reveals she didn’t confide in her mum because she didn’t dare.

And how does Sally react to that?
“She feels terrible. It’s awful that Rosie [Helen Flanagan] felt she couldn’t phone her and admit things weren’t going very well. That’s a big thing for Sally. She’s also upset that Rosie thinks she’s judgemental. She makes a vow to try and not be like that in future, but who knows how long that will last!”

Does Sally blame herself for Rosie’s predicament?
“No, but she wishes that Rosie had confided in her so she could have helped her more. She is cross that Rosie has been so naive.”

How does Sally plan to make things right with Rosie?
“She is there for Rosie and she would like Rosie to respect herself more. She wants to protect her in future and that’s why she stages her one-woman protest.”

What’s the protest all about?
“It’s in response to a lewd comment a builder makes about Rosie. Sally is angry about what has happened to Rosie. Rosie isn’t even that bothered – she likes all the attention – but Sally’s been so hurt that Rosie did not confide in her, this is her way of showing Rosie she supports her, even though it’s not the way that Rosie wants her to help.”

What was that like to film?
“It was good fun because Sally goes along to the building site with her megaphone and she’s screaming out all these things so it’s a funny scene.”

Coronation Street, ITV


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