Sally: ‘Their goodnight kiss turns passionate’

Coronation Street Sally Dynevor tells Soaplife Sally’s not out for revenge when she kisses Tyrone… But it works!

How did Sally feel when she found out Kevin is Jack’s dad?

“Completely devastated. She didn’t even know he’d had an affair. Sally and Kevin aren’t a lovey-dovey couple. Sally’s always nagging and Kevin’s usually at the garage so she just didn’t notice anything was wrong.”

What’s the situation between her and Kevin now?

“She doesn’t want Kevin or the baby anywhere near her. She feels so betrayed… especially as Kevin was having the affair around the time she was undergoing cancer treatment.”

Does the fact that the baby is a boy make it harder for Sally to bear?

“It does because Sally knows Kevin always wanted a son.”

Are Sally and Tyrone supporting each other?

“They’re sympathising with each other over everything that’s happened to them and Sally persuades Tyrone to come round for his tea.”

But it turns into more than just tea. They share a passionate kiss…

“Sally’s had a bad day. She’s just found Sian and Sophie in bed together and she says to Ty ‘My life’s falling apart.’ She’s had a few drinks and just wants comfort. It’s not to get at Kevin. It’s just a goodnight kiss that turns passionate.”

Does Sally fancy Ty?

“He’s only 28! She thinks he’s a decent, gorgeous man and she tells him that. Tyrone will be a huge support to Sally. They have this huge connection as the baby he thought was his belongs to Sally’s husband.”

She doesn’t tell Kevin that though…

“He sees Ty leaving the house and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Kevin punches Ty and comes back with an estate agent, all guns blazing, saying he’s going to sell the house from under her. Sally’s furious.”

Does Sally still love Kevin?

“I think she does deep down, but she’s too angry to feel it now.”

Can their marriage be saved?

“I’d like them to stay together. They’ve been through so much. I can see her taking Kevin back.”

Will 2011 be a good year for Sally?

“It can’t be worse than 2010!”