‘Sally’s thrilled when Tim proposes, but there’s still something between Kevin and Sally,’ says Sally Dynevor

When Tim gets down on one knee, Sally finds herself saying ‘Yes!’ to his marriage proposal in Coronation Street, reveals Sally Dyvenor…

Sally and Tim are happily unmarried, but now Tim wants to make an honest woman out of her. “The proposal comes out of the blue as far as Sally is concerned!” says Sally.

“She and Tim had decided they were happy just living together, so it comes as a shock. But when Tim gets down on one knee in front of everyone with a ring, Sally’s thrilled.”

Does Sally really love Tim?
“Yes, but she’s hoping she’ll be able to change him into the kind of career-minded, successful man she’s always wanted to be with.”

Which is what Kevin’s turning into, it seems!
“Sally’s proud of Kevin [Michael Le Vell] but she wishes he’d been more ambitious when they were married. He wasn’t at all career-minded then. Now they’re apart, he’s doing well for himself and I think Sally’s hoping Tim might aspire to be like Kevin.”

Why does Sally make such a fuss of Kevin at her engagement party?
“I don’t think she realises what she’s doing or that it makes Tim feel inadequate. She’s genuinely surprised by how successful Kevin suddenly seems to be and it’s more of a, ‘Why weren’t you like this when we were married?’ thing.”

Does Sally still have feelings for Kevin?
“There’s been a lot of water under the bridge, but Sally and Kevin still really care for one another. There’s also a little part of Sally thinking, ‘If I’d just stuck with him, then maybe…’ There’s still something there between them.”

Where does this leave Tim?
“Tim [Joe Duttine] is very good for Sally. At the party he says, ‘I might not have fancy suits or be able to take you out for fancy meals, but I love you and care for you, I will always be here for you and I’ll never run off with anyone else’. That’s the moment Sally realises, ‘Yes, that’s more important!’. I hope she goes the distance with him.”

What kind of wedding does Sally have in mind?
“Fancy but inexpensive. She aspires to be like Carla Connor [Alison King] and will get the best she can afford.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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