Sam Aston reveals to Soaplife how Chesney is finding it hard to forgive Katy for betraying him – even though he knows she won’t go on saying ‘sorry’ for ever in Coronation Street

So, how is Chesney feeling?

“He’s devastated because he’s lost the love of his life and his best friend. He’s still trying to figure out why she did what she did and he’s still so angry with her. At the same time, he is starting to soften, but he doesn’t want her to see that because he’s petrified that she’ll cheat on him again.”

Then Katy tells him she’s quit her job at the kebab shop with Ryan to concentrate on getting her family back…

“Chesney tries to hide the fact he’s happy about it. He won’t have to think about her and Ryan being together every day any more. Katy tells him that all she wants to focus on is him and Joseph, which he relishes. But he doesn’t want her to know how much she still has an effect on him.”


Why is Chesney so scared to let Katy back into his life?

“The trust has gone and he knows that if they got back together he’d be constantly worried about her hurting him again. If something wasn’t right before, how does he know it’s going to be right next time round?”

So he goes on a date with Beth’s niece Sinead! Is that a smart move?

“He doesn’t really have a choice over the date. Kirk tells him he’s got to come out for a drink with them. But Ches quickly realises that Sinead’s a nice girl and they get on really well. In his head he probably thinks that it would be best to move on, but he’s too caught up with Katy and certainly nowhere near being over her yet.”

Then Katy sees Ches with Sinead…

“Katy’s really upset. She tells Ches that if he wanted to get back at her and make her jealous then he’s succeeded. Ches is quite cruel really. He purposely gets a picture taken with Sinead knowing full well that Katy is watching them. Ches looks over at Katy as if to say to her that two can play her game. When she storms out, though, he starts to feel really guilty about it.”

That’s a dangerous game to play. Does Chesney want Katy back?

“Ches does want to work it out, but he just can’t bring himself to forgive Katy, or even listen to her. It’s only a matter of time before Katy gets fed up of saying sorry and she’ll begin to think that it’s pointless trying to win him round. Chances are that’s when Ches will tell her to come back – and chances are that she’ll tell him to forget it!”