Samia Longchambon on her Corrie affair: ‘If Maria was my friend I’d be giving her a good shake!’

Maria settles for second best as Aidan Connor’s secret bit-on-the-side, explains Coronation Street actress Samia Longchambon

Corrie star Samia Longchambon does not empathise with her character Maria’s behaviour in having an affair with her mate’s man… and she believes it will end badly!

Why does Maria agree to be Aidan’s full-time mistress?
“Maria’s happy it’s all back on because she gets Aidan, in some way. She’s resigned to the fact that, for now, he’s with Eva Price. But she’s optimistic that, ultimately, he’ll choose her, so she’s willing to wait.”

Why is Maria so into Aidan?
“There’s amazing chemistry between them, but it’s not just lust. It’s also the Connor thing – Aidan was Liam’s cousin and they go back a long way. She really loves him.”

Has she forgiven Aidan for dumping her while she was in prison?
“Not fully, but she’s so in love with Aidan that she’s blinded by his faults.”

Can she confide in David Platt?
“Yes. David is her best friend and she trusts him. There’s a lot of history there and he knows everything about her.”

What about Eva?
“Maria decides to unfriend Eva because it’s hard being so two-faced. She doesn’t want to hurt Eva and she’s not doing this to be spiteful, but it’s always been Eva pushing that friendship and Eva and Maria are completely different.”

How does her plan go?
“Maria ends up insulting Leanne to Eva, so Eva throws a cream cake in her face. I didn’t know Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva, would go for it the way she did. We literally did it in one take. I don’t know how I didn’t laugh. I had cream all over my face!”

Has prison changed Maria?
“Yes. She’s a stronger person. Despite the fact she’s allowing Aidan to have his cake and eat it, she ultimately has a plan and she thinks he’s going to choose her over Eva. I think she’s absolutely crazy! If she were my friend, I’d be giving her a good shake as it’s not going to end well. It has trouble written all over it.”


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