Samia Smith has another career option if she gets fed up with acting – becoming a psychologist.

The actress, who plays Maria Connor in Coronation Street, revealed she’s always regretted not being able to complete her studies in psychology after joining the soap 11 years ago.

“It’s a little niggle I’ve always got that I want to do my Open University and finish my psychology course off,” she said.

“I was at college when I started Corrie and because it’s quite demanding and a full-time job I couldn’t finish it.”

Samia, who’s recently been filming gruelling scenes for an upcoming sex attack storyline, added: “I think it would help me with my acting. It would, definitely.”

The 28-year-old – who is currently supporting the Home Heat Helpline’s winter campaign to help low-income households save money on energy bills – said she’s loving her challenging storylines on Corrie.

There is, however, one TV show Samia would be happy to give it all up for.

“I’m addicted to 24 so if Jack Bauer calls, then I’ll be off Corrie I’m afraid. A nice Mancunian girl at CTU, that’d be great,” she joked.

“But I don’t think they’re doing any more 24s, so I think Corrie’s safe.

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