Creepy Nathan Curtis is Bethany’s Mr Wrong – but she thinks he’s perfect! What will her mum Sarah think of him, though? Lucy Fallon reveals more

Nathan Curtis is grooming Bethany Platt for bad things in Corrie. But she sees him as a great guy!

“Nathan makes her feel special, is really nice to her, protective towards her and acts like he really cares for her – Bethany definitely considers him to be her first real boyfriend,” actress Lucy Fallon told Soaplife.

But Bethany hasn’t told Sarah about him, has she?
“No! It will be obvious to Sarah that Nathan’s 20 years older than Bethany and she knows Sarah [Tina O’Brien] will see that as wrong – as any mum would. Also, Bethany doesn’t want Sarah to get involved because she feels that this is her thing and something that’s going right in her life for once.”

But Sarah finds out from a neighbour…
“And Sarah goes mad. She wants to know where Bethany’s been and why she stayed out all night. Bethany’s adamant that she stayed with Mel [Nathan’s assistant], but then Rana Nazir [Bhavna Limbachia] tells Sarah that Bethany went off with Nathan. Sarah’s furious about that and also that Bethany lied.”

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Nathan is grooming Bethany but all she sees is her dream boyfriend


What happens?
“Sarah tries to ban Bethany from seeing Nathan and Bethany gets really angry. She says Sarah can’t stop her and tells her mum to stop interfering in her life.”

Does Sarah give Bethany an ultimatum?
“No. Sarah realises that if she keeps trying to stop Bethany from spending time with Nathan then she’ll just push her further into his arms. Sarah’s forced to backtrack and tries to talk to Bethany more in order to get through to her.”

Were you embarrassed filming the kissing scenes?`
“They were my first on-screen kisses and I was really nervous, but Christopher [Harper, who plays Nathan] is really nice, although his character is horrible!”

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