Coronation Street’s Sarah-Louise Platt proves she’s just as evil as David when she gets the revenge that leads to her big exit! Actress Tina O’Brien reveals all…

Sarah’s been desperate to get shot of her scheming, interfering brother David, hasn’t she?
“Sarah’s obsessed with David. She feels really hard done by that he’s acted like a pig and gets this golden ticket to a new life. She’s worked hard, held down jobs and brought a child up on her own and all he’s done is be a nightmare! It’s not fair.”

After he ruined her wedding day and tried to wreck her marriage, Sarah’s determined to get her own back on David. And she spots the perfect opportunity when David gets offered a new job in Milan.
“Sarah’s going to put a stop to her brother’s new life. She drips poison into Gail’s ear, suggesting David’s mood swings might be caused by drugs – Gail’s worried it’s possible because of the E that nearly killed Bethany. Sarah’s acting much calmer about David and nobody suspects she’s up to anything.”

But Sarah knows she needs evidence so she gets hold of some esctasy from a drunk who’s been thrown out of the Italian and puts it in David’s wallet. And nan Audrey finds it…
“Sarah is over the moon. Her plan has worked. Audrey tells Gail and Stephen withdraws his job offer.”

To add insult to injury, Sarah manipulates Stephen into offering Jason the job in Italy – and announces to her family on Boxing Day that she’s leaving Weatherfield…
“David’s gutted. Sarah thinks she’s got the upper hand now and, to be honest, she’s just as evil as he is.”

With Tina leaving in the New Year, is she getting the dramatic exit she’d hoped for?
“Yes, because she leaves in a way that means she can come back at any time and that’s what I wanted.”

Does she think viewers will side with David or Sarah?
“They’re already siding with David. People keep coming up to me and saying ‘Poor David’ and I reply ‘Poor bloody Sarah!’ Most viewers don’t want to see Sarah get revenge…”

And with Jason set to stay while Sarah goes, we’re guessing in the end she doesn’t!