‘Sarah Lou is back to stay… for now’ says Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien

Sarah Louise Platt storms back to Coronation Street for a row with runaway daughter Bethany, reveals Tina O’Brien

What happens when Sarah Lou hotfoots it to Weatherfield?
“There’s a massive row when Sarah unexpectedly turns up. She’s furious with Bethany for running away – and for shoplifting in Milan before she did the runner.”

What kind of relationship do Bethany and Sarah normally have?
“Because Sarah was so young when she had Bethany, it’s more like sisters than mother and daughter.”

Has Sarah been neglecting Bethany?
“No. Sarah’s not a bad parent… but when Bethany’s misbehaved, she hasn’t disciplined her properly.” 

What happens after Bethany and Sarah’s slanging match?
“They calm down and have a heart-to-heart. Sarah begins to realise just how unhappy Bethany’s been in Milan and she agrees they can stay in Weatherfield. For now…”

Has Sarah changed since leaving all those years ago?
“She’s older, wiser and she’s mellowed, but she’s still very outspoken. She thinks Weatherfield’s rather beneath her, having been working in fashion in Milan.”

How do the rest of the family react to her being back?
“They’re pleased to see her – apart from David. Sarah and David have always had a volatile relationship. That hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s going to get worse.”

Why is that?
“Sarah catches Callum’s eye and, although she doesn’t appear interested in him at first, that changes when David warns her off him!”

Sarah has history with both the Grimshaw boys. How do they react to her being back?
“Bethany deliberately winds Jason up by telling him Sarah’s still mad about him, which isn’t true at all. As for Todd, he’s pleasant enough – but who knows how long that’ll last?”