‘Scary Mary is back!’ to fight Julie for Dev, reveals Coronation Street’s Katy Cavanagh

Coronation Street’s Katy Cavanagh reveals to Soaplife that Julie’s going all out to get her hands on Dev! But Mary is determined to keep Julie’s hand off him…

Julie Carp needs a man in her life to fill the gap left by Brian and, in Dev, she may have finally found him. But there’s a problem: Mary. She thinks Dev is her man! “Julie doesn’t view Mary as competition when it comes to Dev so she thinks it’s odd that Mary’s so territorial,” Katy tells Soaplife. And then Mary becomes scary…

Julie’s fancied Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) for a while, hasn’t she?
“She thinks he’s very charming and very nice, but until recently she didn’t think he’d be attracted to her. Even so, she’s been flirting with him quite a bit – and he’s been flirting back. He’s well respected in the community and she sees him as a good catch. He also has two adorable children and she so longs for a family. Julie knows she needs to close the deal, but Mary’s properly getting in the way.”

“Mary always seems to be there when Dev and Julie have arranged to meet. They plan to meet at the gym, for instance, but Mary invites herself along! Julie, who’s becoming increasingly irritated by Mary, ends up going at a different time. Somehow Mary gets wind of this and turns up right at a very delicate moment, which is really annoying for Julie.”

Doesn’t Julie realise Mary (Patti Clare) is very territorial over Dev?
“She’s aware Mary isn’t happy, but Julie tends not to over-analyse things and so she doesn’t understand why Mary keeps turning up everywhere. To Julie, Mary’s like an annoying fly that won’t go away. But then Mary starts freaking Julie out.”

Doing what?
“There’s a scene in the pub where Mary gives a huge speech about all the women who’ve tried to get Dev into bed and that’s when it gets scary for Julie. Scary Mary is back!”

Mary did kidnap Norris (Malcolm Hebden) a few years back… Does Julie realise this?
“Julie doesn’t know that! I actually think Mary and Julie could be friends, but Mary’s difficult to get to know. She likes who she likes and it’s hard to break in there.”

Could Julie and Mary come to blows over Dev?
“I don’t think so. Julie’s a pacifist and I think Mary is, too. Dev’s going to have to take control and make his feelings clear to both women.”

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