‘Sean’s embarrassed he and Billy are front page news’ says Corrie’s Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton tells Soaplife about Sean’s shock when his and Billy’s run-in with a homophobic landlord becomes the lead story in the local paper on Coronation Street

When that Weatherfield Gazette reporter came sniffing around Sean, wanting to hear all about his and Billy’s recent confrontation, he had nothing to say but ‘No Comment’. But she’s managed to cobble together a story nevertheless and Sean and Billy are front page news.

“They’re both embarrassed because they’re on the front page and everyone’s talking about them,” said Antony. How will this affect Sean and Billy’s blossoming relationship?

How does Sean feel about Billy?
“Sean has very strong feelings for Billy [Daniel Brocklebank]. At first, Sean thought Billy was being so nice because of his job but he’s since realised that that’s just the way Billy is. Sean is full of pride that his boyfriend is like no other.”

Is he worried he’s messed up over this newspaper article?
“Absolutely. He’s been so desperate not to mess up, but now it looks as though Julie [Katy Cavanagh] might have done it for him by contacting the paper. Sean is worried that this might jeopardise his and Billy’s future.”

What happens when the Bishop has a meeting with Billy?
“Billy tells Sean that the Bishop made his disapproval plain about their relationship and in desperation Billy lied to him and said they were no longer together. Sean is very upset because he feels Billy has had to lie for him – and Sean never wanted that.”

How will Sean feel if Billy ends up resigning?
“It’ll makes him really sad that Billy feels it has to be one or the other. Sean usually goes with his emotions, but in this case his head will take the lead. He’ll tell Billy that he mustn’t resign and that he would never ask him to. Sean will be very selfless. Billy’s job and vocation is what makes Billy who he is.”

If Billy does leave the Church, will it put pressure on their relationship?
“It’ll mean a whole new set of problems. Sean will have done right if he tells Billy he must stick with his job and deal with the consequences.”

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