Sean Ward staying in Corrie as Callum

Kylie may have left Coronation Street but her drug-dealing ex Callum is set to stick around for a while yet.

Sean Ward, who plays Callum, was initially recruited to star in eight episodes, but he impressed the soap’s bosses so much that they more than doubled his episodes to 20. Now, the actor has now agreed a deal to stay in the soap for the next year at least.

Recently, the star admitted that he still can’t believe the reaction from fans since his villainous character made his debut.

“The reaction I’ve had form the public has been unbelievable,” says Sean. “I still take public transport in Manchester and I see a lot of people double-taking me on the tram. Then I’ll forget and get paranoid and wonder if I’ve got something on my head. And then I remember,’Oh yeah, I was on Coronation Street last night!'”