Sean’s a loser, reveals Coro star Anthony Cotton!

Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton reveals that Sean loses again when Leon discovers his lies!

Sean doesn’t seem to be making much progress with Leon. What’s going wrong?

“He’s messing it up for himself, as usual. His first relationship with Tim the vet ended over his lies and he has never learned his lesson. With Leon, he told him Jason was his lover, which he’ll soon regret…”

Why did he lie about Jason?

“Sean thought he’d be seen as more of a catch if he had a boyfriend. But it backfired when he told Leon that he and Jason had split up… because Leon’s been going after Jason ever since.”

And telling Leon that Jason’s actually straight doesn’t work either…

“Sean tries to undo his lies at the gay club. Leon and Jason are there with the football team and Sean tells Leon that Jason’s straight. But Leon doesn’t believe him. He just thinks Jason’s scared to come out because of Sean’s other lie about his mum. Instead, Leon decides to out Jason by entering him into the Mr Gay Weatherfield contest. Sean’s horrified.”

What does Jason make of that?!

“He’s drunk and thinks it’s all hilarious. Even better, he wins and there’s a £5,000 prize.”

But then Leon discovers the truth?

“He finds out that Sean lied about Jason to trick him, and he’s furious. Sean looks a right idiot and Jason loses the prize money when Leon tells the organisers of the competition that Jason is a fake.”

So it’s not Leon that Sean goes home with… and who robs Eileen?

“No. It’s a bloke Sean picks up and takes home for the night. The next morning, the bloke’s gone and so has John the parrot, along with lots of other stuff.”

Bet Sean feels really guilty…

“He certainly feels like an idiot and he might be put off picking up strangers from nightclubs in future. But he’ll probably think it’s still all right to do it in a supermarket!”

Will Sean ever find a Mr Right?

“I actually think Sean is at his best when he’s on the shelf and hopeful. Just like Raquel was.”

Corrie now has a gay club set… Will we be seeing more of Sean’s nightlife?

“I hope so. Maybe if Jason splits up with Tina he’ll go to the gay club with Sean, as they always have girls in them. I’ll be keeping my shirt on though… unlike Jason in the Mr Gay Weatherfield contest!”

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