Sean’s heart is broken when Violet and Jamie ‘steal’ his baby, says Coronation Street star Anthony Cotton.

He’s the proudest dad in soap, but Sean’s about to find out mum Violet and boyfriend Jamie don’t want him to be a dad at all. They’re about to make their getaway any day and Sean hasn’t a clue. Why is he so hands-on?

“He’s acting the way any father would. He has created this child, he’s his dad and he wants the birth certificate to say that.”

But Violet and Jamie realise that Jamie will never be able to be Dylan’s father with Sean around so they decide to disappear…

“Lauren tries to tip off Sean. She spots an advert for Violet and Jamie’s home and warns Sean to keep an eye on them. When Sean confronts them they make up a story about finding somewhere bigger and Sean believes them.”

Even when Marcus tells him that Violet has cancelled her local midwife he remains trusting. A bit silly, no?

“Violet says it must be an admin mistake and he believes her again.”

But she knows Sean is getting suspicous and they have to leave asap and she proposes to Jamie for good measure!

“Lauren goes to the flat and sees all their bags packed and rushes off to get Sean from the Rovers. He dashes over to Violet’s, but he still doesn’t really believe it until the moment he sees them frantically throwing stuff into the car. As he runs towards the car, Violet locks the doors and Sean is left banging on the window as they drive off with his baby. It’s very very sad.”

Sad? It’s heartbreaking! What will Sean do now?

“He can’t believe that anybody would do something like steal a man’s child. At first he blames himself and can’t see that it’s them who have done wrong. His only fault was being over enthusiastic and there was never any malice in his actions, but he says that if they come back, he’ll back off.”

But will Sean be able to cope when he realises Violet and Jamie fully intend that he’ll never ever see his son again?

“He’s had his heart broken many times before and he is resilient. He’ll probably have a little holiday and come back bigger and brighter with go-faster stripes… but inside there’ll be a baby-shaped hole in his heart.”