Tina O’Brien hints Sarah Platt and Gary Windass might get a new home in Victoria Street

Tina O'Brien, who plays Sarah Platt, was among the Corrie stars cutting the ribbon on the new set

Actress Tina O’Brien has said the new extended Coronation Street set, Victoria Street, may well provide a new home for her Corrie character Sarah Platt and boyfriend Gary Windass.

The Corrie star spoke about the characters’ possible new Weatherfield address during a press event showcasing the set extension.

“With characters needing places to live maybe they’ll spread out a bit,” said Tina. “Sarah and Gary could live there. That will be the plan – if they can afford it.”

The new location, dubbed ‘Wider Weatherfield,’ will reveal the businesses based on Victoria Street including, among others, a tattoo parlour, an Indian restaurant, Co-op and Costa, which will be on seen on screen next month.

“On 16th April you will see the interior of [new restaurant] Speed Daal appear on screen and the 20th is the first time you will see a couple of characters walking down the street,” said an ITV spokesperson.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.