Coronation Street’s Shobna Gulati has revealed that she is quite ’embarrassed’ by her character’s new wardrobe.

Since moving into the Rovers Return, the 45-year-old’s soap alter-ego Sunita Alahan has embraced a sexier image, swapping her conservative attire for low-cut tops and figure-hugging dresses as she enjoys a passionate affair with Karl Munro (John Michie).

“You know how unconfident I am in real life, so it’s been quite a struggle from wearing the smocking tops to the tight-fitting dresses. And then my cleavage has become involved – I normally hide them,” she told This Morning.

“Suddenly to go on set dressed like that, I am quite embarrassed. Sometimes I bang my head against the Rovers bar and say, ‘When did I become sexy and can’t I have those smocking tops back?’ But I think I have a new-found confidence from it.”

Shobna admitted that she has enjoyed playing the new, sexier Sunita.

“Something’s happened to Sunita. It’s Weatherfield water. I’ve indeed enjoyed it,” she joked.

“It was quite shocking though as I read the script. How would I move and be that girl? I’ve got it in my head that maybe she’s read [50 Shades Of Grey], and she’s been unleashed. She says the most outrageous things to Karl.”

The drama is far from over, as Stella walks in on Sunita and Karl this Monday.

“She takes an option – the maddest and biggest option of Sunita’s life. I thought, ‘Wow!’ She was very drunk at the time,” the actress teased.