Coronation Street’s Julia Goulding: ‘Shona Ramsey is gunning for rapist Josh Tucker!’

Coronation Street actress Julia Goulding has revealed that mechanic Josh Tucker should be VERY afraid after Shona Ramsey finds out he raped David Platt.

It looks like David Platt may finally gets justice for his rape by Josh Tucker, if Shona Ramsey’s got anything to do with it, actress Julia Goulding has told Soaplife.

What’s the story?

It’s been a while coming, but this week Shona Ramsey finally finds out David Platt’s been raped.

“She gets a call from Gail telling her David’s gone walkabout when he’s due in court, so it’s Shona to the rescue again!” actress Julia Goulding has revealed. “So she runs around Weatherfield looking for him, finally finding him in the Urban Garden. She thinks he’s worried about his court date, but then he blurts out Josh raped him!”

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Julia Goulding’s interview with Soaplife

Soaplife: How does Shona react to what David tells her?

Julia Goulding: “It hits her like a brick wall and she’s incredibly angry with Josh. After David’s told her about the rape, he adds he’s never stopped loving her. But Shona’s not thinking about that or their relationship. David is all she’s bothered about.”

S: Why does David decide to tell Shona?

JG: “His court date for assaulting Gary Windass is getting close and he’s isolated himself from everyone he loves. The reality of being sent to prison is hitting him, too. He’s at his lowest ebb and he’s having dark thoughts. Then he hears about Aidan Connor’s suicide and that really shakes him. It makes him hold up a mirror to his own life and it makes him realise what might happen if he doesn’t talk about what Josh did.”

S: What happens next?

JG: “Shona encourages David to go to the police, but he says he can’t deal with the shame. She respects that it’s his choice. But because she loves him so much, the injustice and frustration of what has happened makes her act on it herself. She realises he’s never going to heal from it if something isn’t done about this situation.”

S: What does she do?

JG: “Her emotions get the better of her and, the next time she sees Josh, she can’t help but tell him she knows what happened. “

S: What’s Josh’s reaction?

JG: “He’s very casual about it and he claims it was a consensual, one-night stand. This infuriates Shona. She knows Josh is lying, while Josh, for his part, knows she’s rumbled him. Shona has to control her anger because she’d be on a murder charge if she actually did what she wanted to do to him.”

S: What does Shona take away from her encounter with Josh?

JG: “That justice must be done. She becomes a bit of, what I call, Sherlock Shona because she’s determined to dig up dirt on Josh and prove that he’s done it before. She’s waiting for him to slip up.”

S: Will Shona keep David’s secret?

JG: “I hope so because what happens next is up to him, although Shona can do her best to encourage him to speak out.”

S; How scared should Josh be of Shona?

JG: “Very. She’s absolutely gunning for him. If I was Josh, I’d be petrified because he’s hurt the person she loves most. She’s determined to get justice for David.”

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