Coronation Street star Simon Gregson has admitted he found it daunting working alongside veterans of the soap when he first joined the cast.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine the actor, who has played Steve McDonald for the past 22 years, said, “I was in awe of people like William Roache and Johnny Briggs when I started.You knew you were joining something big with those types of actors.”

However he admitted that one of the older cast members stood out for him.

“Bill Tarmey often gave me advice,” Simon revealed, “he did that with a lot of the younger cast members. He’d advise me how to think differently about a scene, or see something I’d done and praise me by saying, ‘Keep that up’.”

Meanwhile Simon offered some own ideas about Steve’s future, as the character faces another challenging storyline in which he breaks up with wife Becky (Katherine Kelly).

“I think he should remain celibate for a while,” he suggested.

“It’s obviously up to the writers to devise a future for him, but I reckon he really needs to concentrate on getting things back on track with his family and his work and his businesses.”