Coronation Street‘s Simon Gregson reveals Steve has no clue that Tracy is about to tear his family dreams apart…

How are Steve and Becky’s adoption plans going?
“Great until social worker Dawn visits. Becky is her usual self and causes trouble. She’s paranoid and thinks she’s being told she doesn’t stand a chance. So she accuses Steve of fancying Dawn and kicks her out.”

Has she blown it?
“It looks like it, but Steve goes after Dawn and pleads with her to give them another chance. She comes back at just the right moment to hear Becky gently breaking the news to Amy that granny Blanche has died. It’s not a set-up and Dawn can see how passionate Becky is about motherhood.”

So what’s the next move?
“Dawn leaves them with the forms and stresses they can do this. Steve suggests Becky becomes Amy’s legal guardian while they’re about it and assures Becky nothing will get in the way of their perfect family…”

Except something will… And that something is Tracy. Does Steve know she’s going to be at Blanche’s funeral?
“The first he knows about it is when he sees Tracy escorted into the church by a prison guard. Next thing Tracy’s trying to attack Becky!”

What goes wrong?
“Amy sees Tracy and tells her she is going to be getting a brother or sister and her name is being changed to McDonald. As you can imagine, Tracy goes totally mad!”

Then Becky goes mad too…
“Tracy’s trying to get to Becky, but she can’t as she’s chained to the prison guard. But then Becky goes off like a banshee at Tracy and Steve has to hold her back. The trouble is those two are like two peas in a pod.”

How would Steve feel if he knew Tracy vows Amy won’t grow up without her?
“He knows how hard it is for Tracy to be apart from Amy, but he’s got no fears about her interfering in his family life because she’s locked up for murder. He doesn’t think she’s coming out any time soon.”

Wrong! It’s been revealed Tracy will be getting out and will be back in the Street. How big a danger will she be to Steve and his family?
“Steve has no idea about Tracy’s scheme but I imagine this is the start of a dramatic journey for him and Becky…”